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Seniors Socializing

With Premier One Home Care, patients do get  
 "Peace of Mind"

Customized Home Care Services we provide:

1. Skilled Nursing Visits
2. Physical Therapies
3. Occupational Therapies
4. Speech Therapies
5. Medical Social Workers

6. Home Health Aides

Chiropractor at Work

Skilled Home Health Care

Our patients are always a winner

We are a group of dedicated medical professionals committed to delivering safe and superior care. We are passionate about serving patients in their homes with dignity, honor and integrity. We provide reliable, innovative and remarkable evidence based care. Our exceptional team values each patient and their family, providing autonomy to maximize their comfort and serenity. We accomplish positive outcomes and enhance the quality of life.

Where do we help our patients in? There's a vast area of the services we specialize in, such as: 

1. Medication Management 

2. Comprehensive Cardiac and Musculoskeletal Assessments

3. COPD Management 

4. Diabetic Management 

5. Intravenous Infusion Therapy  

6. Wound Care 

7. Ostomy Care

8. Stoma Care

9. Infection Control 

10. Safety Precautions 

***We maintain an open communication between family members and our courteous staff members***

Woman & Doctor

Our Objectives

To be number one in the home health care community by following latest medical and natural healing practices. 

To ensure that all patients are provided with quality, comprehensive health care services through a coordinated plan of care. To provide early recovery and maximum rehabilitation in the patient's home environment. To provide effective channels of communications with patients, caregivers, physicians and network with other health care providers within the health care community.

"If our patient needs a Spanish translator, we will be happy to provide one." 

"Si nuestro paciente necesita un traductor en español, estaremos encantados de proporcionarlo."

Senior Swimmer
Proud Grandparents
Family Album
Old and Young
Cheerful Seniors
Family Visit

Meet our elite caregivers

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Contact us at: 

Our Practice Address:
931 E Southern Ave Suite 110 Mesa AZ 85204

Phone Number: 480-773-6837

Fax Number: 480-773-6854

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